Sweets Box

When you have an overwhelming, extensive sheet cake, our Sweet Boxes are the ideal decision, while eco-accommodating, non-ridged boxes are best for lighter requests. We additionally offer pastry shop and cake confines an assortment of merry examples for any season or your most loved occasion. Regardless of what your particular needs are, finding the correct pastry shop box has never been simpler. These Sweet Boxes have wrinkles that can be collapsed into the expected rectangular shape. The consistent development of this 1-piece box guarantees all wrinkles are encased, dispensing with the danger of nuts or morsels sneaking past separates.

Key Features:
Can simply be discarded for quick tidy up
Bundled level to decrease shipping costs and boost storage room
Furnish you and your clients with quality, single-benefit utilize
Advantageous, two-piece development with a removable best